Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Dietenhofen 

Photographs by Steve Hennings

Woods near Moos Muhle (Moss Mill) 2009
[Wald bei der Moosmuhle]

The Church Tower (2009)
[Kirchturm (ev. Kirche St. Andreas)]

Summer Clouds over Dietenhofen (2009)
[Sommerhimmel uber Dietenhofen]

Leonrod Ruins (2009)
Runine Leonrod

Doorways of Leonrod (2009)

Winter Night (2012)

Leonrod from a Distance (2009)

Afternoon Sun (2012)

Clouds (2009)

One Tree (2010)
Ein Baum

Winter Day (2010)

Tower with Falling Snow (2010)

Dietenhofen from a Distance (2009)

 Woods near Moos Muhle, II (2009)
Wald bei der Moosmuhle, II

Tower with Falling Snow, II (2010)